Dealing with Suppliers

All senior executives should have exceptional skills to deal with suppliers. A significant amount of money can be saved or lost negotiating with suppliers.  Often we simply accept what we are offered without thinking of other options.  One option is to talk to multiple suppliers, another it to work with a preferred supplier to find win – win opportunities. It is important that you are someone that suppliers want to do business with.  It doesn’t matter how much business you give your suppliers, if you’re a problem customer, you will probably not get the best deal because it’s too much work to do business with you. It’s important to maintain good supplier relationships by remembering that while they need you as a customer, you need them, too.  Be sure to pay your bills on time, maintain open communications and treat the relationship as a partnership where both of you get what you need.  Negotiating with suppliers doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does pay to have a plan before you approach them. 

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