Paying Employees

Paying employees covers the following areas:

  • Payment of ordinary wages and salary, as required by legislative minima, award, agreement and individual contract provisions
  • Overtime payments
  • Shift loadings and allowances
  • Other allowances, eg for first-aid, travel, entertainment
  • Salary packaging — providing other benefits as components of the overall remuneration package
  • Deduction of income tax from employees’ pay
  • Other deductions from pay as authorised by employees
  • Bonuses, commissions and other incentive payments
  • Carrying out garnishee orders — where a court orders deductions from an employee’s pay to be made to the party that obtained the court order
  • Providing pay slips to employees setting out full details of pay and deductions (including tax)
  • Maintenance of payroll records in compliance with legislation.

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