Recruitment Tip – Explore Remote Work Arrangements

A great remote work program can put your organisation at the top of the list for a much larger audience of talented individuals.

Modern communication and collaboration technology have made remote work more effective and easier to manage than ever. Many high-functioning teams successfully leverage a remote work structure.

It’s important to remember that remote work isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition.

Although a 100% remote structure might work for some teams, that doesn’t mean it’s necessary to adopt an all-remote structure on yours. There are a number of qualified candidates who simply require remote work flexibility.

That flexibility can be the difference between earning those candidates’ interest, and losing them before the first interview even takes place.

A flexible work schedule isn’t just a job perk.

Some highly-qualified candidates may have conditions or life circumstances that limit their ability to work in a co-located office on a daily basis. There are countless reasons a candidate might need flexibility in their working arrangements—they may be sole caretakers, have limited mobility, suffer from migraines triggered by fluorescent lights, or simply do their best work from their home environment.

Building remote work flexibility into your Employee Value Proposition can make your organisation a more attractive choice for many candidates.

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