C Suite Skills – Managing Meetings

All senior executives should have exceptional Meeting Facilitation skills. What does this mean? 

Meetings provide an avenue for contribution at both an individual and collective level. The health of the workplace “tribe” and their sense of belonging is most demonstrated here. However, meetings re often the least effective form of communication in organisations. To have a successful meeting:

1. Make sure everyone involved is fully prepared; 

2. Clearly define the roles of everyone in the conversation;  

3. Use your Meeting Code of Conduct to guide the way people communicate and interact in the meeting; and

4. Use an evaluation checklist to gather feedback from participants after the meeting.

Other essential considerations for successful meetings include:

• Younger generations are driving many changes in the way people communicate and use technology, and they are rapidly filling the ranks of management. 

• Virtual meetings are a great way to bring remote or shift workers into your group conversations. 

• It’s vital to support diversity and manage differences through transparency and inclusion.

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