Recruitment Tip – Communicate a Strong Employee Value Proposition

The EVP serves to define what the organisation would most like to be associated with as an employer and defines the “give and get” of the employment deal (the value that employees are expected to contribute with the value that they can expect in return).

So what are the elements required to build a strong EVP?

There are a near infinite number of components you can combine as part of your EVP, but here are some common ones:

  • Salary — Are your salaries competitive?
  • Benefits — What type of benefits do you offer? Who is eligible?
  • Work environment / company culture — What is your work environment like? Is your company culture balanced? What does it feel like to work for your company?
  • Autonomy — Are employees micromanaged or are they in control over how they do their work?
  • Rewards and recognition — How are employees rewarded for their efforts (beyond salary)? Do you offer frequent bonuses or do you only reward those who have made it through the year or have reached a certain milestone?

Just like attracting customers and clients, to attract the strongest candidates, you’ll need an offer that stands out.

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