Recruitment Tip – Think Like a Marketer

As business evolves, so does recruiting. Just like sales and marketing were required to make a dramatic turn, recruiting is in a similar position. Technology has made it easier for people to learn a great deal about an organisation with a few simple searches.

Many of us are aware of the groundbreaking Forrester research claiming that 70% to 90% of the buyer’s journey is complete before first contact. If you don’t think this relates to recruiting, you’re missing the boat.

Just like potential customers, potential employees are spending ample amounts of time researching organisations before even applying.

Sites like Glassdoor offer potential employees an unprecedented access and insights into the experience others have had working in your organisation.

It can be a beacon for talent, or an embarrassment. That much is up to you.

Make sure you’re developing an employer brand that employees are intrigued by and you’ll see more candidates coming in on their own.

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