Don’t confuse policies with contracts

Don't confuse policies with contracts

Many employers refer to their policies and procedures in their employment contracts. However, to reduce the risk of a breach of contract claim, they should avoid making them terms of the contract. For this reason the HR Advance Contract of Employment expressly excludes the incorporation of policies.  Very small businesses may regard putting a bunch …

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Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

Clients should have policies that cover the various issues relating to pay and conditions in your business and back them up with procedures (which are steps for implementing the policies in a practical way). You should also ensure they are widely publicised, explained to employees, and that employees clearly understand them. Common areas relating to …

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Employers’ Legal Obligations

Employers' Legal Obligations

An employer’s key obligation in relation to employees’ pay and employment conditions is to comply with all the relevant legal requirements. You should study the documents that affect these areas — legislation, awards and agreements, individual employment contracts and organisation policies/procedures — and set up a compliance system that ensures you are able to continue …

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Employee Conditions

Employee Conditions

“Conditions” refers to conditions of employment and employees’ entitlements. The broad areas covered include the following: hours of work — covers full-time employment, part-time employment, casual employment, ordinary working hours, overtime, “non-standard” hours (such as weekend or evening work or working on public holidays), shift work, fixed-term/fixed-project contracts, flexible working hours, rostered days off, meal …

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Paying Employees

Paying employees covers the following areas: Payment of ordinary wages and salary, as required by legislative minima, award, agreement and individual contract provisions Overtime payments Shift loadings and allowances Other allowances, eg for first-aid, travel, entertainment Salary packaging — providing other benefits as components of the overall remuneration package Deduction of income tax from employees’ …

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The Job Offer

This offer of employment is a legal expression of the employer’s intentions. The range of choices will depend on the entity which employs the employees as well as individual considerations. The possible choices available are: Award — for which award covers the relevant employees, see Award Links. An award should always be supplemented by a …

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The Recruitment Process

You can use a Recruitment Checklist to guide your recruitment processes. It provides a “warning list” at each stage of the recruitment process, alerting you to particular issues of which to be aware. Once you have decided to recruit a new employee and have collected the necessary information, the next step is to decide who …

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Do You Need a New Employee?

You could consider alternatives to recruiting a new employee that may be more cost effective. These can include: reallocating existing employees; redesigning the job; changing work hours or working arrangements; outsourcing the work; or using contractors or labour hire workers. Look at the longer term needs of the business, however these options should not be …

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How to recruit and retain high quality, motivated employees

How to recruit and retain high quality motivated employees

How do you recruit quality employees when it feels like all the good ones are taken? There are several steps that business owners can take to help increase their chances of recruiting and retaining high quality, motivated employees. 1.      Start with a plan. We all know that planning is important but surprisingly it is an …

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